On Tuesday , May 21st ,’Drivetime’ the peak time RTE radio show hosted by Mary Wilson, carried a long piece on the Property Tax which may just as well have been called ‘The view according to the government’.Not only did they fail to have any balancing opinion from  CAHWT campaign (or any balancing opinion for […]

AS many as  900,000 people still haven’t made Property Tax returns.This is because the Revenue have issued 1.6millions forms but Minister Phil Hogan and other estimates(eg NUI Maynooth) have put the more accurate figure at 1.9million properties that are eligible.Many have not been sent forms and others only e-mails.Adding the addittional 200,000 to the 712,000 that […]

Campaigners against the property tax have said that the tax, which is being boycotted by huge numbers of people, is “totally unnecessary” and that the government should scrap it “unless it is prepared for a major battle with an angry public.” “The government has claimed it hopes to raise €500million from the property tax,” said […]

One– Despite all the bluster, the government are still are still relying on individuals and households to comply and return the information so that their overloaded and incomplete systems can actually administer the tax.And the bluster? Well remember last year?They threatened court cases and €2500 fines for the 662,000 households that boycotted the household tax.It […]

Members of the Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes held a picket outside Emmet Stagg’s clinic on Monday morning at the Town House Hotel in Naas. The group of activists were there to highlight the Labour Party’s role in the imposition of austerity policies on ordinary people.  ‘Labour promised us either Frankfurt’s way or Labour’s […]

The four North Kildare TDs refused to attend information meetings in Maynooth, Celbridge and Kilkock held recently by the local campaign group.All four local TD’s were invited to attend the meetings. Catherine Murphy TD sent her regards saying that she is completely opposed to this tax, but she did not attend any of the meetings. […]

Kildare South Campaign Against Home And Water Taxes (CAHWT) vow to keep a presence on the street in Newbridge on a weekly basis until these unfair , unjust and morally wrong taxes are repealed. Kildare South CAHWT are on the streets again protesting against the Home and Water tax. A planned visible presence on the […]

 Activists from KildareTown, Newbridge and some Carlow CAHWT supporters gathered to protest at the presence of Minister Joan Burton at the opening of the Teach Dara Community and Family Centre in KildareTown.  The protest was well received by local residents and a number stopped to speak with activists to voice their concerns about the impending Home […]

You’ve got the letter in the post from Revenue, and the media is full of scare stories from government-what do you do now? NOTHING-that’s what. The government need your compliance to make the new Home Tax work. Yes, they have recruited and equipped Revenue with new draconian powers to reach into bank accounts and deduct […]

Over eighty people in the Derby House Hotel, Kildare, heard Dublin MEP Paul Murphy call for a boycott of the proposed new Property Tax. The meeting was held by the Kildare Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes in order to alert and inform people of the proposed new tax. Joanne Pender opened the meeting and thanked […]